What do we need to bring with us?

We provide all the food and cold drinks you need. We also supply sunscreen, tackle, bait and expertise to ensure a great day. All you need is appropriate clothing (Long sleeve shirt, hat and enclosed shoes. Bring an extra layer/waterproof jacket especially for winter), for the conditions on the day and a good sense of humour, because we like a laugh.

Where is the boat moored?

Outside the Indian Ocean Brewing Company in Mindarie Marina which is handy as you can grab a coffee in the morning and a beer when you return.

Can we bring our own beers?

Yes, of course.  We provide a large esky and ice to keep the nectar cold.

Do we keep what we catch?

Yes. You can take home any fish that exceeds the legal size limit for that species.

How far out do you go?

We will take you where we feel you have the best chance of snaring a quality fish. We normally travel between 40 and 60 nautical miles per trip and tend to head North West to find the better ground.

What happens if the weather forecast is for bad weather?

If it is safe to fish, we will fish.  If the weather is bad enough to affect safety then we will cancel the trip and reschedule your charter for a later date.  If you are concerned, please call and let us know; you are more than welcome to reschedule.

Please note:  Conditions apply for cancellations of whole boat charters.

I get seasick. What should I do?

There are plenty of over the counter treatments for seasickness. Talk to your doctor or local pharmacist about options that suit you.  It’s a good idea to research seasickness solutions well in advance as some require action several days or even weeks prior to departure.

Can we bring our own rod and reel?

Certainly. If you wish to use your own gear you are more than welcome to do so.

What equipment do you provide?

We carry enough equipment for a full charter plus spares, all of which is new and/or well maintained and can be configured for left or right handers.  We currently use new UglyStik rods in a 10 to 15kg line class and Penn/Shimano reels.  We are always looking for new equipment and technology to ensure we have equipment to suit every fisho and their favourite catch.  All reels are loaded with approx. 300 meters of 8 strand braid at 50lb (22kg) breaking strain with an 80lb (36kg) shock leader.

Can I bring my non-fishing partner along?

Definitely. We are licensed for 15 people and we allow 13 fishing at any one time so a full fishing charter still has plenty of room for people who’d just like to enjoy a day on the water.

Can I bring my child on a charter?

Children are welcome on our charters. From experience, we suggest that kids 10 and over enjoy themselves the most. Other than the most dedicated fisher, kids under 10 find the day very long and often suffer from seasickness which means their parent/guardian spends the day trying to entertain their child or comforting a sick and miserable kid. Not a great day out for anyone.

Children who have enjoyed our charters most, have had lots of experience on boats and know they don’t get seasick – even in big swells, and whose parent/guardian is willing to spend time with them making sure they are safe and having fun.

If you’re not an experienced fisho then our crew are also on hand to help both you and your child with what do to, when and how.

Older kids may choose to have their own rod (at the same cost as an adult) or you may choose to share a rod with your child (heavily discounted rates are available for children sharing rods with their parent/guardian). The shared rod option is a recommended one as most kids do need a rest or two which gives the adults a chance to drop a line. Most kids will also need help bringing a fish to the boat so the adults still get to share in the catch.

If you have more questions or concerns about children on a charter, please call us.